Draw a dragon with a feeling that "a dragon that can not be interrupted by one piece" = "connects people" and "the edge is unbroken". The technique expressing beautifully delicate, sometimes raging dragon god with a single stroke is highly evaluated not only in Japan but also overseas. I learned the spirit of Japanese way at "Karatedo" which continued for 14 years since 6 years old, I was fascinated by a dragon from childhood and continue drawing a dragon. I encounter "Ichigo dragon" transmitted from ancient times, I am impressed with the technique and history, and master skills by self-study. Make it the first solo exhibition in Ginza for the first year of debut, then to the world. Japanese tradition to the world! Belief and holding exhibitions and performances at 13 venues in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Florida. While pursuing the tradition of the dragon that continues from the Edo era, he is pursuing a dragon with the spirit of [defense breaking].

· Learn Karatedo from childhood and learn the spirit of 【Road】.

· Restoration of Buddhist Temple and Buddhist altar of about 200 companies nationwide as Buddhist altar Buddhist restorators.

· After about 3 years of practice, debuted as a painter in 2014, holding the first solo exhibition in Ginza.

· Great success in the 2014 American tour.