Store Service

When you use this website or purchase goods,
You need to carefully read the "Terms of handling customer information (privacy policy)" below and agree to the content.
In addition, if you do not agree, you can not purchase items.

1. About customer information Customer information is information on surviving individuals,
It is a thing that can identify a specific individual by name, date of birth, address, telephone number, other description included in the information.
This includes those that can be compared with other information, thereby identifying a particular individual.

2. Usage of customer information For us,
(1) In order to fulfill our obligation in sales transactions,
(2) In order to conduct after-sales service in sales transactions,
(3) to guide customers to special services, new products, etc.,
(4) We will use customer information for the purpose of sending information such as e-mail magazines etc.
Apart from these purpose of use, we will not use it except in the case described in 3 below or when you consent to the customer in advance.

3. About entrusting customer information to a third party We may consign all or part of customer information to the extent necessary for achieving purpose of use.

4. About the provision of customer information to a third party We will not provide customer information to a third party without obtaining your consent beforehand.

5. Shared use of customer information We will share customer information with the company described below.
Items of customer information to be used jointly: Customer's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, purchased product information etc.
Scope of persons to use in collaboration:
Kyoto Ichigo Ryu Sakura Shihodo Keisuke Teshima Kaywave Company Limited (Operating Company)
Shipping company

Purpose of use by person using:
To conduct after-sales service to customers in order to guide special services, new products, etc. to customers in order to conduct the business entrusted by us, such as delivery of goods among the sale and purchase transaction between us and the customer
For sending notifications of e-mail magazines etc.