About the picture

1, Is the hand painted hand painted dragon picture?

Yes, I draw hand-painted one by one. Therefore, even the same design will differ slightly individually

2, What are the painting materials?

I draw with a watercolor paint

3, What is included in the product? 

Dragon drawing and Flame.

About delivery and settlement

1, Please tell me about the cost of shipping

Domestic flights Yamato Transport

International flights are Yamato international flights on the system, but we will send them via DHL

For shipping fee, we calculate automatically when put in shopping cart according to weight and weight.

When shopping several points, since the postage may be different, we will contact you individually.

2, Please tell me about credit card payment

We are preparing Paypal settlement which automatically cooperates with shopping cart now.
As a preparatory stage we use a system called Square Payment
Once you have completed shopping, the order details will be emailed to us here.
We will make an invoice with that amount and we will email you with information that can be settled.

Please complete the card payment according to the mail procedure.

Then we will ship.

Usually we will ship within 2-3 business days after payment.

3, Please tell me about customs duties

In the case of overseas shipment, how to calculate tariffs varies from country to country.
There is a case where the question message is going to go about the customs clearance from DHL.
Customs duty will be borne by the customer. please note that.

: We will write it as a poster on account of shipment due to invoice.